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  • 12 nos. Spindles with running speed of 18 mtrs to 35 mtrs per minute to unwind the reminent yarn.
  • The reminent yarn will pass through cyclonic nozzle to open the twist of the reminent yarn & to pull out the fibre which will transfer through the headers with vacuum suction in a natural form fibre without damaging the property of the fibre, which will be collected in the cotton collection chamber.
  • No compressed air is required.
  • Two to three layers remnant yarn of the bobbin can be cleaned per hour 120 to 150 bobbins.
    Our new designed machine required the install power of 4.5 kW.
    Running power will be consumed 2.7 kW to 3.2 kW.
    Unit consumption per hour -3 (units)
    Production capacity per hour.
    We have calculated production per hour for 3 layers remnant yarn, will be 120 to 150 bobbins if the layer is less than 3 I.E. 1 or 2, then production per hour will be 150 to 225 bobbins. This depends on your operator efficiency.
    In our machine, you have to insert the end of the roving & put the bobbin in running of the m/c on the spindle. The end of the roving by our cyclonic nozzle, it will open the twist of the roving & the fiber in an intact loose condition will pull out with vacuum & it will be discharged in the collection chamber, so the fiber property will remain intact which can be reused.
    When the chamber is full with the loose fiber than you have to press the pneumatic button for the function of the opening of the chamber and total loose fiber will discharge in the drum and automatically the cover will close the chamber and the chamber becomes totally vacuum and thereafter you can restart the machine for the operation.