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The aim of our company is to manufacture and supply quality roll shop spinning equipments. We are committted to produce quality products which are easy to use and guarantee rich dividends to the customers. Through continued perseverance we have been able to establish a well known Global Market. For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority and we strive to enhance our current relations and build new ones through dependable and trustworthy service.


Mr R.K Shah has been a pioneer in this field and even today, his R&D team continuously strives to improve and develop new designs.

Dependable and Trustworthy

Our machines are trusted world-wide and have one of the longest life times as compared to other brand machines.

Customer Satisfaction

Right from ease of ordering, timely delivery, to machine installation and worker training, we leave no room for complaints. After all Customer is King!

Global Market

Mr R.K Shah has successfully tapped into the Global Market by delivering top-notch machines and excellent service in more than 25 countires.

Why Choose Us

Right from the advent of his company, Mr. R.K Shah has always given top priority to Customer satisfaction. He personally looks into all the business dealings and ensures that the Customer has no issues whatsoever. Sagar is committed to a hassle free and smooth process for the customer, right from placing order for machines, customization of machines to timely delivery as well as prompt after sales service.

Our Services

  • Spare Parts

    We provide spare parts for all our machines as well as other compatible machines promptly.

  • Installation

    We send technician on demand for installation as well as instructional videos for customers.

  • Training

    We provide instructional videos so as to train the workers to operate the machines.

  • Repairs

    In case a machine requires repairs, we send a technician at the customer's expense.