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  • 102, Kalash-I Appartment, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad.
  • Machine is equipped with high intensity 2 K.W UV Lamp having Mercury radiation power 1.6. Which gives more life to U.V. Lamp
  • The treatment time per batch is 6 min. for 1000 working Hrs. and further 400 working Hrs. with the batch time of 9 min.
  • Uniform radiation to all the Rollers
  • Capacity
    Ring Frame Top Roller - 6 Rollers in one row x 5 rows= 30 Rollers
    Speed Frame Top Roller - 3 Rollers in one row x 5 rows= 15 Rollers
    Draw Frame, Comber, etc-1 Roller in one row x 5 rows = 5 Rollers
  • Electric panel will be as per European Standard with contactor relay and MCB Switch
  • We have provided Limit Switch in working drawer by any chance anybody pull the drawer the total machine get stop.
  • Total Electrical connected motor & electrical Equipments.
    Exhaust Motor Power 0.25KW
    Blower Motor 0.16KW
    Roll Drive Motor 0.16KW
    UV Ballast 2.00KW
    Total Motor & Ballast Load 2.57KW