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  • 102, Kalash-I Appartment, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad.
  • UV Lamp of High Intensity of 4000W, one lamp in the machine Dr. Fischer German Group under Technology of Philips Holland with the Guaranty of excellent performance.
  • Life of the UV Lamp is 2200 to 2500 Working Hours with the treatment duration of 4 minutes for the Top Roller.
  • Electric Panel will be as per European Standard with contactor relay & MCB Switch. A) Schlinder MCB & Contactor Relay, B) L & T main ON OFF Switch & Volt selector switch, Push Button.
  • Ring Frame Top Rollers- 12 Rollers will get the pushing stroke in 63 Seconds to entre in to the chamber, Speed Frame Top Roller- 6 Rollers required 55 Seconds to push to the chamber & Comber & Draw Frame Top Roller- 6 Rollers required 130 Seconds. Very short batching time; say it will be continuous feeding
  • Chamber capacity- 60 Top Roller of Ring Frame and 42 Top Roller of Speed Frame & visibility by Ultra Violet protected glass for inspection of Top Roller Treatment.
  • Production per hour- Ring Frame- 750 Top Rollers and Speed Frame- 480 Top Rollers, Comber & Draw Frame- 160 Roller.
  • Air Supply required- 5 to 7 kgs (maximum 590 ltrs per hour).
  • Total Electrical connected motor & electrical Equipments.
    Exhaust Motor Power 0.75KW
    Roll Drive Motor 0.20KW
    UV Ballast 4.00KW
    Total Motor & Ballast Load 4.95KW