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  • The basic principle of the m/c is to remove left our yarn of the ring Tube Bobbin by Pneumatic Air Operation [required 7 kgs pressure] with Electric Power of 1.25 HP with the help of total 5 Nos. Cylinders, 4 Nos. Metallic Sensors & 2Nos Photo Sensors which we provided in the m/c.
  • We have also provided PLC of programme adjustable with display & Pneumatic & Electric Circuit.
  • First connect the power supply & ´ON´ the machine. Keep the sufficient Nos. of Ring Tube Bobbins with left out yarn in the hopper [Try to put the Bobbin in correct direction to avoid more stoppage of the m/c as per figure i.e. Bottom dia at operator side.
  • Thereafter the Bobbins will move to the Block Type Conveyor Belt & if the Bobbin is in wrong direction, conveyor belt will stop with the help of Photo Sensor which is fixed near the entrance to detect the wrong position of the bobbin. In such case, you have to either remove the bobbin or to put the same in right direction & Restart the machine.
  • Thereafter m/c will start & the bobbins will rest on the receiving station where the Pneumatic Arms for the proper Centering will clamp & lift the bobbins by Pneumatic Cylinder & attached Metallic Sensor & it will move to the cleaning /stripping Area where it will be firmly hold by Pneumatic Cylinder attached with Metallic Sensor.
  • Thereafter finally the another main Pneumatic Cylinder will push the bobbin by removing the left out with help of Metallic Sensor yarn & cleaned bobbin will be collected in the plastic crate.
    In the last process the Cylinder will go back in its original position to restart for next cycle.